Common feedback besides the actual work we do is – “it’s so fun to work with you” or “we really enjoy the atmosphere”. This is our general guideline, it has to be fun to work, what goes on between the people involved in our projects. We believe that if you have fun, you perform well. It helps us carry equipment long ways to shoot odd scenes or to sometimes work through nights to meet tight deadlines. And when the morning comes, the masters have left the building and the sun shines into our studio we might be tired but we are smiling and we are bright 🙂  What we do? Produce films – Basta!

Bright Images at Work AB, aka Brightfilm was founded in 2001 by producer Christopher Sanitate and DoP John Rosenlund.

DoP André Prtic is now partner and co-owner and Tove Nowén works as junior editor and sound design from 2018.